No Smoking Day - FIVE Reasons To Quit!

12 March 2014

"I can smell again!", "I'm RICH!" "My wrinkles have gone!"

1 - It STINKS!

Nobody likes the smell of smoke. Think of people meeting you for the first time or passing you, or standing next to you on the tube - Stale smoke is not nice.

People will often spray fragrances OVER their smoky clothes, but this is even worse - you are ruining the fragrance! Imagine how amazing that scent will smell without the undertones of cigarettes...

2 - "I CAN SMELL AGAIN!" - You'll be saying... 

After 7 days, your senses will start to get back to how they were before you started the bad habit. Your taste and smell will be heightened and everything will be much more tasty!

Treat yourself to a new fragrance so you can reap the benefits of this!

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3 – You’re rich!

If you smoke 10 a day, that’s roughly £1350 you burn a year! Imagine what you could spend that cash on… Imagine all those fragrances, perfumes and cosmetics. *Mind races*

4 – SOS! Save Our Skin!

Smoking gives you wrinkles and ages you dramatically – who would want to do that to themselves?! By stopping smoking, you’ll be giving your skin a much fairer chance in pinging back to good health. Then you can invest in a rich-in-moisture cream to really help restore that beautiful face of yours.

5 – Good health, good heart, good life.

We’re in favour of #Stoptober because let’s face it, living longer, being fitter and having a happy, wholesome life can only be a good thing right?!

Are you taking part in No Smoking Day?

Stop smoking: Smell gorgeous!


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