On Our Radar: Nikki Beach Has Arrived!

16 April 2013


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Nikki who? Yes, OK, we forgive you for perhaps not knowing who or what this brand is – but let us tell you this: We’re one of the first in the UK to stock these beautiful products!! - so that’s probably why you aren’t so familiar with the name… But when you see it going viral, you can say you saw it at The London Perfume Company first! 


Firstly, let us tell you a bit about the prestigious brand (without the boring bits)…

nikki beach

Nikki Beach began in 1998 with a group of high-status beach clubs all over the world; combining elements of dining, music, art, entertainment and fashion into one.

The London Observer went as far as calling it “the sexiest place on earth” – and we somewhat agree!

The main locations of the clubs are in the stunning surroundings of Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, Mallorca, Marrakech, Lucas and Cannesto name a few. Can we go?!

perfect beach

nikki beachWell, the closest we’ll get is by investing in the beautiful fragrances that represent this life of luxury.

If it means being one step closer to the days of   endless days in the sunshine and feeling (literally) like a million dollars, then where do we sign?!

Find Nikki Beach here, starting from just £7 with free delivery.

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Jemma 17 April 2013 at 13:39 Reply
Oh how exciting!!