New Year New You! - What are your beauty resolutions?

2 January 2014


We're all about the positivity factor here at The London Perfume Company! Begin the new year with a new resolution to create a healthier, happier you... and this isn't always the usual way!..

Here are some simple resolutions you could make this year. Don't set your goals too high or they'll seem too much - take a big goal and make it simple...

Lose Weight - Walk more places

Avoid Alcohol - Have a month off, try a detox and then limit yourself to a couple a week, rather than a night..

Make a skincare routine - Invest in one fab skincare product and stick to it arrow


Create new memories - Buy a new perfume and spray it only on special occasions, then whenever you smell this scent, you'll remember the best times

Get more sleep - Aim to get into bed 20 minutes earlier than you usually would

Look more awake - Even if you are asleep at your desk still, don't give it away - Your skin can look awake and refreshed as ever with this


So which small change are you going to make this year?

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