NEW IN: Shiseido Skincare

29 July 2013


We're so excited to have the amazing skincare range that is Shiseido here at The London Perfume Company! If you're big on your skincare and you know your Decleor from your Clarins, then you'll love this... (and prices start from just £23.85 with free delivery - Amazing!) 

So, who are Shiseido?

For those who aren't so familiar with this fantastic brand, have no fear! That's what we are here for...

Shiseido originated in 1872 and was founded by Yushin Fukuhara - he opened the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan. In 1888, he made a sell-out toothpaste and because of the extremely high quality, he continued to do well in this growing industry. IN 1897, he made the transition to working with cosmetics and this is when the skincare business began to boom.

Shiseido is considered very prestigious and one of the leading skincare cosmetic brands in the industry. Today in 2013, the range guarantees softer, more youthful skin for women and prides itself on creating a perfectly radiant complexion.

Which Shiseido products do you stock?

We carefully selected nine amazing products that we just know you'll love. Shop the range here or click on a product below.


Does Shiseido have a fragrance?

Yes! Featuring a simple, elegant design, Shiseido Zen contains the same sophistication and style that is found throughout the brand. Opening with a zesty and refreshing mix of bergamot and pear before revealing a wonderfully aromatic heart of violet and nutmeg, finally drying down to the earthy aromas of leather, musk and patchouli which combine to give the fragrance a wonderfully rich, distinctive character.


Shiseido Zen - £32.15 [RRP £45.50] - Shop Now.


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