NEW IN: Rocks by Original Penguin

1 October 2013

rocks by original penguin

We're so excited to be one of the first to stock the brand new 'ROCKS' by Original Penguin - Today is launch day - Get yours while stocks last!

openROCKS by Original Penguin was first introduced to the U.S. market in June 2012 and is the second fragrance in the Original Penguin collection.  ROCKS by Original Penguin has top notes of crisp apple and Italian bergamont, middle notes of lavender, clary sage and cypress tonic with bottom notes of sun bleached woods, brushed suede, tonka bean and sandalwood. The flask-shaped bottle is an ombre green with gold accents that plays off the woody, oriental fragrance – the perfect blend of heritage, wit and style. closed

penguin rocks

We also stock the rest of the Original Penguin range.

Choose from Rocks, Reserve or the Original Penguin.

penguin for men full range fragrance


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