Nails Nails Nails: Every Tip, Trick and Trend You'll Ever Need to Know

8 April 2014

You've never sat down and thought about a whole nail guide of everything you'll need to know ever? WHAT?!

OK fine,

a) you have a life 

and b) that's our job!

nails tips and beauty tricks

                                                 AT WORK


If you do lots of typing, your nails will be more prone to breakages and chips.

Try to use the pads of your fingers, rather than your nails.
Apply a top coat every 3 days to keep them strong!


Cleaning products can really damage your nails, drying them out and thinning them.
Always wear gloves when doing your cleaning jobs. 

If you wouldn’t put your face in it, don’t put your bare nails in it!


Travelling, boredom, nervous?
You don't need us telling you that biting your nails is a bad habit -

Always carry a nail file with you so if you have the urge to bite or pick, pull out your file and do something productive!

nail accident and emergency


Most people make the mistake of applying a whole new coat - nooo! Avoid this. Instead, drop a thick bead of the nail varnish onto the chipped area. When it’s nearly dry, use a top coat to smooth the bead over.


Ouchie. Apply nail glue to the breakage. (Carry an emergency set of tools, or like us, keep it at the bottom of your handbag somewhere...) Once the nail glue has dried, buff away the rough bits and apply a couple of coats of polish.


When a simple rub doesn’t do the job - Dip a cotton bud into some nail varnish and carefully remove round the edges. That way you won’t ruin your carefully painted nails!


Our latest nail craze at TLPC towers are these beeeautiful Dolce and Gabbana Lace Nail Lacquers. They're absolutely dreamy (and creamy) and easy to apply. A major point in our testing was that they last a heck of a lot longer than the usual high-street polishes.

We'll take one of each, thank you!

nail facts, tricks and tips

Now finally, some snazzy facts you may or may not have known about your little old nails....

(we love a good beauty statistic!)

nail facts

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