Monday Meeting? Match your Perfume!

27 January 2014

We're not saying the wrong fragrance will cost you your job but we are saying, choosing the perfect one, will leave a lasting impression!

Monday morning meetings can put a little pressure on you but what better time to start a fresh, feel good and ooze confidence?! COME AT US Monday, we're not scared of you! 


Givenchy Play is the perfect 'all-rounder' perfume. It's liked - no - LOVED by women and men and is one of those trusty scents you can always rely on for a compliment.

Smelling good will give you confidence therefore making you rule the world! (or the boardroom)

If you're new in the office, fragrance is always a great way of starting conversation (and buttering up your boss!) - "You smell gorgeous!"


Anyway, Givenchy Play is just £36.99 down from £51.00 for 50ml. WOAH!

We recommend it for its delicate but fresh approach to the skin.

You can buy it by clicking here.

You may even want the browse the giftset options here - Layering an oily product underneath your scent will make the fragrance last even longer!

"Givenchy Play For Her Eau De Parfum is a radiant and happy fragrance that leaves a delicate but fresh, musky imprint on the skin. The top notes boast facets of pink pepper, white peach and magnolia flower while the heart notes of Amyris wood and Tiare flower shine through. Finally the base note of Play For Her reveal Sandalwood and Musk to finish off the perfect blend of a youthful scent."

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