Male Grooming: The 21st Century Man.

18 April 2013

Ladies: Whether you like a man that takes pride in his brow-shape or one that, well, is a bit rugged round the edges – male grooming is happening…

man grooming

A recent article by The Daily Mail sparked a discussion in the TLPC towers about male grooming.

Some said it was the 'latest thing' to do and:

“So what if my boyfriend borrows my concealer!?”

*ahem* – Where some girls argued that the first sign of their man wearing guy-liner would mean they’d be out the door! (oh dear!)

 So, where do you stand on male grooming?

We think, deep down, it’s whatever makes the guy feel most confident. This could be anything from a cheeky tickle of overnight moisturiser under those eyes, to a full face of makeup! 

bobby brown concealer

Here at The London Perfume Company – we cater for the men who like to take a little pride in their appearance. You go guys! 

Whether it's manscara, guyliner or a powder for that shine...

                       compact powder concealer manscara

Or just something from our awesome Conran male skincare range -

conran skincare

Treat yourself!...

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