Look Who's Fourty! Ten things you didn't know about David Beckham...

1 May 2015

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One of the most beautiful men to grace the planet has hit a big mile stone birthday!

Yep, it's David Beckham - and he's the big 4 0. Not that he looks it...

Did you know he has released over 25 different fragrances combined with his wife Victoria? That's some perfume-loving right there...

Anyway, here are ten facts you probably didn't know about David Beckham...

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1. David surprised his wife, Victoria, by buying her a winery for her birthday one year: It's in Napa, California. They both have a passion for wine and it's only open to close family and friends. One can dream hey?

beckham, birthday, how old is david beckham, facts about beckham2. Beckham is the only English football player to score in three different world cups, all against South American football teams; Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador.

3. When asked if he wasn't one of the most successful footballers in the world, "what other career path would he have taken?", Beckham answered a journalist with "probably an artist", as he enjoys sketching cartoons and such. 

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4. When David went to play for Paris Saint-Germain, he considered buying a jet to make his journey from London to Paris easier but instead, celebrity pal Tom Cruise, lent him his £20million pound Gulstream Jet IV. They signed a five month contractual agreement - but Becks had to cough up for the fuel...

5. There's a whole movie dedicated to David Beckham! The aptly named 'Bend it Like Beckham' was released in 2002, however, he didn't actually star in it due to clashing agendas. Becks has also recently said he wouldn't feel comfortable going down the acting route as he feels he is "too stiff".

6. Beckham has 33 tattoos and counting. Well we think people stopped counting in 2014. He doesn't regret a single one of them (luckily...). He and his wife love the ink!

7. Apparently, David is a little more than organised. He has a touch of OCD and his levels of neatness etc are strict. He has three fridges in his kitchen; one for salad, one for drinks and one for food.

8. Becks donated his whole salary to charity when he moved to play for French team Paris St-Germain. Now that's just lovely.

9. David Beckham started young! He won the Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition at the age of 11 and the Manchester United officials soon noticed his talent. Beckham was asked to join their youth team and was playing for their training division at the age of 16. He finally made the club at 18.

10. He has two middle names: Robert and Joseph.


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