Kate Moss Celebrates her 40th Birthday! Special Offer Inside...

16 January 2014


Kate Moss celebrates her 40th birthday today!

Born Katherine Ann Moss, this lady has certainly accumulated some pretty amazing things. If she had a CV, it would include the impressive titles of; actress, author, designer and of course, model - just to name a few.

She's been in the media since forever and you can't deny she is looking FAB at 40!

From size zero debates to introducing the likes of 'Heroin Chic', she certainly knows how to stir up a storm in the headlines. You may remember her most famous quote:

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" -

Controversial as it may be, she may not necessarily be a role-model, but she's most certainly an iconic figure in British Fashion.


So to celebrate this milestone, we've created a Kate Moss Category page - packed full of all her gorgeous fragrances. When prices start from just £8.95, how can you resist?!

You can shop the whole Kate Moss range here.

We've also reduced three key lines for ONE DAY ONLY. Take advantage of this special offer whilst you can!







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