Kate Hudson's Weird Beauty Secret

24 April 2013

kate hudson

It really is hard not to love Kate Hudson - she's an amazing actress and a beauty icon to plenty. 

So when she revealed what her number one beauty secret was – we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Ms Hudson swears by it and her make-up artist loves her for it because her skin never has a blemish and is always perfect to work on.

If Kate ever feels like her skin is a little dull or somewhat lacklustre, she will put her face into a sink of ice water. Yep! You heard!

When questioned how long she would do this (quite frightening) procedure for, she replied with a smile: “It depends how much I wanted it.” ice cubes

So when we spoke to our resident beauty expert, we found that this wasn’t actually as crazy as we first thought.....

“When your skin is looking dull, the cells need refreshing and repairing. Ice water will give a shock to your skin cells almost as effectively as going outside for a brisk walk. It will tighten your skin and if done a couple of times a week, there will definitely be a change in your face – you will glow!”: Chloe Dawson, beauty expert.

So hands up who’s going to be picking up a bag of ice on the way home from work today?

If plunging your face into a sink of ice water gives you the chills - why not try a firming moisturiser which all workarrow to tighten your skin and improves blemishes and wrinkles. All tried and tested.  


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            Budget?                                      Cash?                                            Splash?


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