Jessie J's Beauty Secret

3 June 2013

jessie j

When we saw this article, we were over the moon! Jessie J has the most amazing skin; it's flawless and has no imperfections. Not to mention the fact that she is absolutely beautiful and effortlessly so...  It's good to know that something so affordable and simple can work wonders on your skin!

So when we saw that she uses (and has done everyday for three years!....) Christian Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Extreme Creme, we all agreed and finally understood just how she keeps her skin looking in tip top condition! 

It's £37.99 for a good size 50ml - an excellent investment. After all you can't put a price on youth!

dior hydra

                                                                 Buy Me.


You could also try these, depending on your skin-type and/or what results you're after.



hydra dior hydra dior hydra 4 dior cream

              Buy Me.                                 Buy Me.                               Buy Me.

                £39.99                                  £69.99                                 £36.99

Let us know when you see the difference! 


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