Introducing The New Twin Pack Travalo!

6 June 2013

You’ve already read our fabulous in-detail blog about the wonderful Travalo… If not, we’ll forgive you – you can read it here!

Now, we have a twin pack of Travalos with a leather case that comes in a wonderful compact box! At an amazing £15.99 for the whole set (or if you do only want one - £8.99 each) how can you resist?


Here are a few ways that we at TLPC are going to use our twin pack of Travalos: arrow

  • Leave one in our handbag and one in our desk drawer,

  • Keep one for ourselves and give one to a friend,

  • Take two on holiday, with two different fragrances in so we don’t lose/break a full two bottles of our favourite perfumes,

  • Give one to our other halves to take to work in their suit pocket and leave one in the car,

  • Handing them to the kids at secondary school, so they can freshen up in the middle of the day or after PE,

  • Taking two to a festival so we always smell delicious and don’t have to carry a whole bottle of perfume where space is limited!


So which will you opt for? Black and Silver or Pink and Silver?

                 travalo travalo

                                       Buy Me.                                               Buy Me.

Don’t forget it’s free delivery, as always!



You could get a single Travalo for just £8.99. Simply choose your colour!


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