Introducing the Brand New Travalo Featuring a Competition

18 June 2013

     travalo colour travalo colour travalo colour travalo colour

Look what have just arrived at The London Perfume Company HQ! The Travalo! We are so excited to have them and we're pretty sure you'll not be disappointed.

Without further ado, in case you're wondering exactly what a Travalo is...

travalo what who why


The bottles are perfect for air travel thanks to a special pressure control system in the bottle.

Travalos have so many advantages and at an amazing price of £8.99 [with free delivery] how can you resist?

They also come in four different colours to suit your personality; pink, hot pink, silver and black - which will you choose? 

We think Travalos would be perfect to take:


  • To the Office

  • To festivals

  • To Parties

  • To freshen up before a meeting

  • In your handbag

  • In the inside of your blazer/jacket

  • To special events

  • As a gift to a perfume lover

  • On a night out


travalo with url


SO which will it be? Just click on your desired colour! arrow


     travalo colour travalo colour travalo colour travalo colour

         Buy Hot Pink.                  Buy Pink.                Buy Silver.               Buy Black.


These amazing devices are also available in a duo twin pack and come complete with a leather travel case, enclosed in a smart white box. They'd make the perfect gift, or you could treat yourself and someone you know would love one!

You could even keep one in your handbag or in your suit pocket and the other at work - so you'll always be able to wear your favourite fragrance and smell fabulous. 

duo duo

                Buy Duo Black & Silver.                                    Buy Duo Pink & Silver.


competition timearrow

We're giving you the chance to WIN your very own travalo! All you have to do is find the post on Facebook, like it and SHARE it! On twitter, retweet and follow us! 

Click the logos below to go straight to our accounts.

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Just tell us....


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