Inspirational Picks: Chanel

16 February 2015

chanel cushion

Chanel: One of the most iconic brands in the world, never mind the fashion industry - and we are absolutely, to say the least, head over heels in love with it.

It's nice to dream.... here at TLPC we are professional dreamers. Adding Chanel handbags to our basket and popping a few Chanel heels to the shopping bag wishlist, one can always live in the hope that one day, we'll finally be able to click the 'proceed to checkout' button - but until then, we will forever gaze at the wonderous brand on Pinterest and such like...

Whilst taking our daily browse of all things fashion-inspired and Chanel-induced, we came across some pretty awesome pieces that have gave us a new lease of inspiration. Take a look at some Chanel picks that have really inspired us this month, do you love them as much as us?

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We've had a rather special fragrance in at The London Perfume Company and those real appreciators of the fine perfume have been loving it so much, it has become our new best-seller!

Chanel Sycomore EDT 200ml Unisex

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Designed to reflect the ingenuity and craft of the brands original perfumers, Sycomore by Chanel combines a selection of vintage inspired ingredients to produce a fragrance that is exceptionally warm and feminine. Pink pepper and spices give the fragrance some punch, while sandalwood and tobacco form a wonderfully smooth dry down.



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