How to Wake Up Faster and Happier in the Morning

23 February 2015

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Want to Wake Up Faster and Happier in the Morning?

Here are our top five tips to waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed... 

1. Move the clock to the other side of the room

How many times has your alarm gone off and you’ve closed your eyes thinking “just five more minutes”, to then wake up in a mad panic an hour later?! Move your alarm clock to the other side of your room so you have to actually get out of bed to turn it off. It’ll wake you up instantly and you’ll have no chance to accidently fall back to sleep.

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2. Make black-out curtains a special weekend (or your days off) treat.

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Natural sunlight is the best natural thing to wake up with but we don’t all have that pleasure. It stimulates your body and stops the release of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. If you have thick blinds or curtains, invest in a thinner layer for the mornings you’re in work – you’ll wake up happier and faster, making those Monday mornings seem much nicer.

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3. Cold water, spoons or teabags…

Well that was  a strange heading! It’s no news that cold water wakes you up – but when you’re running your morning shower, be brave and whack it to cold for a ten second burst. The extra cold water will also make your hair extra shiny – win! Alternatively splash your face with cold water before you brush your teeth, you’ll be surprised how alive you feel!

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Now with regards to the spoons and teabags; they’re excellent tools for your tired eyes both for waking you up but also to revive your skin. Place two spoons in the freezer the night before and place softly over your eyelids and under your eyes for an instant depuff. Place two used teabags (fruity, herbal or normal) in the fridge the night before and do the same.

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4. Smell citrus

Your senses are so sensitive, especially in the morning. Citrus aromas are proven to raise your alertness and energy levels by 50% in just two minutes!

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We’d recommend searching our site by perfume notes and groups; Click here to search for citrus based fragrances to waken your senses in the morning.

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5. Avoid using your mobile phone in the last minutes of your ‘getting to sleep’ routine

Melatonin is the chemical that induces sleep and studies show that those who spend time in bed before they sleep on an LED backlit device, ie an iPhone or Android Tablet, had a dip in melatonin levels. You’ll find it difficult to switch off if you don’t switch off your electrical time thieves! If you use your phone as your alarm, you can take note of point one and kill two birds with one stone, then you won’t be tempted to play Candy Crush till 3am.

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Sleep is one of the best things ever, let’s face it. If you aim for a solid 8 hours and take the above advice, within two weeks you’ll start noticing the difference. You’ll be happier, healthier and full of natural energy! Not to mention the added benefits that comes naturally with this; clearer skin, weight loss and a better sense of well-being!


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