5 Tips For Properly Removing Makeup

22 July 2013

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We thought we'd share a few simple tips that will help you to properly remove your makeup without causing any irritation to the skin. 

A clear complexion is one of the important elements of a beautiful face, and ensuring that you remove makeup in a safe and friendly manner is important, as failure to do so can not only cause irritation and breakouts but can also lead to premature ageing signs including fine lines and wrinkles.

So here a few tips that will hopefully help you maintain a youthful complexion for longer. 

1. I don't think I need to tell you the importance of face wipes, which help to cleanse and tone the skin whilst unblocking pores. They are an essential item in any womans beauty regime, but knowing how to use them without stretching or irritating the skin is equally important. heart

2. Be gentle to the skin, minimise pressure and force. Begin with the forehead, gently wiping from the middle to the edge and then back to the middle and to the other edge. 

3. For the eyes wrap the wipe around the finger and gently sweep across the eyelids, taking care to minimise pressure but ensuring you get into the little spaces in the skin.


4. And for the cheeks gently sweep upwards towards the ears, this will prevent the skin from sagging. 

5. A few don'ts to wrap up. Never use baby wipes to remove makeup, they aren't designed for your skin and can lead to irritation and dryness. Don't overdo the cleansing, most cleansers these days do an excellent job of removing all traces of makeup, and additional toning and cleansing can dry out the face and remove natural oils. 

Hope this has been some use, we know you're all busy people but those few seconds of added care can make a real difference later on. Thanks.

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