How to make your cosmetics last longer… and it really works!

26 September 2012

We know a lot of hard-earned wages go into your beauty bag, so here at The London Perfume Company, we tried and tested some ways to keep your makeup looking fresh and last that little bit longer till your next pay day. cosmetics

1. Cover it up

If food gets spoiled when exposed to air for a long time; so do beauty products. Air is the enemy to things like foundation, concealer, mascara and cream-based products – so keep it away! Try to buy pump bottles but with mascaras and any screw-on lids, make sure you screw them on tightly. It won’t only keep your products looking and feeling new, but will keep bacteria away.

2. Customise your cosmetics

So you’re at the point where you’re scraping the dregs of favourite colour on your lip palette, well, it’s not over till it’s over! Get a lip brush (or even your finger) and mix the remains with Vaseline, or combine with the other colours that are left over. Same goes with blusher and eye-shadow. You never know, you might create a new colour that you love!

With nail-varnish, if you find it getting thicker as your draw to the bottom – it’s not run out, it just needs a little alcohol (like some on a Saturday night). By adding a small droplet of nail-polish-thinner makes the varnish last for at least another three applications (six hands worth!) If you have no thinner to hand, use nail-polish-remover, sounds weird but works just as well due to the high percentage of alcohol it contains.

Finally, try adding moisturiser to your almost-gone bronzer – it creates a fantastic highlighter for your cheek-bones or even as a body shimmer.

3. That shelf in your fridge isn’t just for food…

…It’s for makeup too! The door shelf is a perfect temperature to keep your products cool, which is what they need to last longer. Who has never snapped the end of their eye-liner? This happened because it was a bit too warm. The life of a nail-polish will also be prolonged if you keep them in this icy cupboard, but if you’re anything like us, you should probably just stick to keeping a few favourites in there and not put all 23736352 varnishes in…
Oh and make sure all products are sealed tightly so they don’t smell of last nights chicken dinner…

4. Hot Hot Hot

…is not how you want to find your products. Reiterating the last point, but it is important! Sometimes you’ll leave your makeup kit in your car, on a window-sill, in the heat – this makes it more susceptible to drying out and exposure to dirt & bacteria. It’s fine to keep your shampoo and conditioner in the humidity of your bathroom – but not your makeup. When storing perfume, make sure it’s kept in a dark and cool place to enjoy the scent for longer.

5. Brush up on your skills

When was the last time you washed your cosmetic brushes?
Applying your makeup uses a lot of these crafty utensils. When applying things like brow-powders, face powder and eye-shadow, people often blow on them to remove excess dust – don’t! This covers them with bacteria from your mouth, which we’re sure you’d rather not do – especially if someone else is doing your makeup! Instead; tap the brush against your wrist.

We’re all guilty of buying new brushes when they start to look a bit grubby, but they can be so expensive! Your brushes (especially the bigger ones) need washing once a month and as long as you do this, you’ll never have to shell out on another one again! Simply use shampoo. Any sort is fine, but for extra softness, use a light baby product. Reshape it, and lay flat on a clean towel – it will be dry by the morning!

6. Waste

Things like choosing your cotton can save you a lot of money and prolong your product. If you use cotton balls for your nail-varnish or makeup remover, cleanser and toner; simply change to cotton pads. Balls soak up the fluid till they’re dripping, whilst pads take what they need and release the perfect amount. They’re not only cheaper but they have a bigger surface area so you’ll use less of them. Your product will last so much longer.

So there you have it.

If you have any other sneaky tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know! When it comes to our cosmetics, we want them looking beautiful and lasting as long as possible! Let us in on your secret!....

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