How to Make Sure Your Perfume has Staying Power

19 August 2014

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Have you ever caught the scent of someone and been in awe of their aroma?

Then of course, you’ll ask yourself “I wonder if people can smell my perfume like that?”.


Well let The London Perfume Company be the ones to tell you three brilliant ways to make sure your perfume not only has staying power but keeps smelling amazing hours after application!

 number one perfume tip


  1. Apply perfume in the right areas of your body.

 Lots of people spray perfume on their wrists, rub together and off they go. No wonder it doesn’t stay on past lunch time!

 The best areas to spritz your perfume on, is all the warm areas, where blood flows closest to the surface of your skin. This means when your heart is pumping, it will release the fragrance on your skin as it’s warm and awake!

Spray these areas:

  • Creases of elbows

  • Behind the knees

  • Wrists

  • Dab behind your ears

  • Your lower chest

 number two fragrance tip and advice

  1. Spraying your clothes with fragrance is a great idea (especially scarves – it seems to stay for ages on these!) but people often forget about spraying their hairbrush. NO, we’ve not lost the plot – promise.

 Spritz a couple of sprays of your favourite perfume directly onto your hairbrush. Leave for a few minutes (or waft around frantically as we do in the office..) – It will leave your hair smelling beautiful all day.

perfume 3, perfume tip, fragrance advice 

  1. People with oily skin think it’s a curse, they hate it and do everything they can to blot and de-oil. Well let us tell you, in the perfume industry, having oily skin is a blessing.

 Fragrance loves oil because it often contains natural oils. It sticks to the moisture and helps the scent last so much longer than on dry skin. This is why we often suggest spraying your perfume as soon as you’re out of the bath or shower – perfume loves moisture!

 If you have quite dry skin, try rubbing a small amount of (non-scented) petroleum jelly on to the areas of skin you spritz your favourite fragrance. Then, spray! Your perfume will stick to the oily combination and have so much more staying power than it would on a typically dry patch.


 Now you have the only three top tips you’ll ever need to keep your perfume put.

Go forth and be fragrant!


The London Perfume Company


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