How To Maintain Healthy Hair

23 July 2013

healthy hair

Hey guys, we know how much hair means to you , so we thought we'd put together a few little bits of advice which should help you to keep your hair looking healthy for longer.

. Really, the most important piece of advice with regards to hair care can be summed up in three words. DON'T GO OVERBOARD. Whether it's shampooing, styling or colouring, make sure you always treat your hair with respect and love. 

. Shampooing is an important factor in maintaining in healthy looking hair, but importantly must be used inhair moderation. Washing too often can remove natural oils in the hair which can lead to dryness and irritation. Try to avoid shampoo's with sulfates and parabens as these are very bad for both you and the environment, if you can, find a shampoo that contains natural cleansers and also find a shampoo that suits your hair type, as these will be specially formulated to work best with your hair.

. For conditioning the same rules apply. Try and condition when you shampoo, and deep condition once a week. If you find your hair feels britlle after you condition it is possible your conditioner may have too much protein and you might want to consider switching.

. Don't overbrush your hair. You're not a cabbage patch doll, your hair feels damage and you can weaken the hair at the follicle by doing this. A preferred method by some is to use a detangling comb imediately after showering followed by a quick brush through.

. Something as seemingly innocuous as drying your hair can also cause damage and irritation. Rubbing your hair can damage the follicle and blow drying to often can cause extensive damage as hair is very sensitive to heat, so make sure this is done in moderation. Instead, gently pat your hair after showering and then gently squeeze between the towel and, if you have enough time allow to dry naturally.

. With regards to styling and colouring, try and adopt a minimalist approach. Any treatment of the hair can cause damage so if you're a colouring junkie, try and leave intervals in between to give your hair some rest. With styling try to avoid styles that can tighten the hair such as tight ponytails, and if you are doing something special such as a perm or crimp try and do these in moderation as well.

hairSo there you have it, it seems that with hair less is definitely more. Other than these all we can say is try to be as healthy and stress free as you can but "ain't nobody got time for that".

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