Have You Heard Of Them?

18 July 2013

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Down here at TLPC we pride ourselves on having a wonderfully eclectic range of fragrances and beauty products on offer, ranging from popular high-street brands to small boutiques and specialist items. Because we know how much we all love to be unique, we thought we would shed light on some of the lesser known brands in our range. Take a look and see if you recognize any or all of them.

1. Redken - This American hair-care brand were founded in 1960, and quickly became leading figures in the industry, introducing new concepts and products to the marketplace which earned them a well deserved place in history. Today they are part of the L'oreal group and continue to innovate and lead the way for others, being named as one of a select group of iconic names in American Business. Check out our amazing range Here.

2. Houbigant - Now this is a brand with genuine history, having been in the fragrance industry for over 230 years, including being the official perfumers to the French royal family. It is even rumoured that Marie Antoinette met her untimely fate because the scent of her perfume gave her away when she was fleeing France. A real impact on history you might say, and they continue to flourish for a select group of people who want a fragrance withredken real heritage. Shop our range Here.

3. True Religion - The youngest brand in this list have quickly emerged as a leading denim manufacturer, rivalling Diesel and alike with their vintage washes and silk like denim. Formed in 2002, this American brand launched a wonderful range of fragrances for men and women that perfectly evokes the edgy style and attitude that the brand displays. Check out our range Here.

4. Hanae Mori - This is one for all the independent women out there, Hanae Mori opened her first boutique in Japan back in 1951, which grew to become a $500 million empire. She is the only Japanese woman to show her collections in Paris and New York, and has been awarded with a French knighthood for her contribution to the fashion world. Check out her signature fragrance Here.

5. Last but certainly not least is Nikki Beach, who earned their reputation by running an exclusive set of beach clubs, combining art, fine dining and entertainment into one incredible venue. Coined "the sexiest place on earth", and winner of multiple travellers awards, they have sinced expanded into other areas including clothing and of course, fragrance. Shop our extensive range Here.

Well we hope we've illuminated you a little, and hope that you take a look-see at some of our choices. Cheers.




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