Happy Earth Day - Find your Earthy Fragrance Match!

22 April 2014


Shop some earthy fragrances with The London Perfume Company.

L'instant by Guerlain is one of our favourite earthy fragrances. It holds great notes of bergamot, lavendar, jasmine and sage. mmm!

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happy world earth day

 First launched in 2004, Guerlain L’Instant opens with an intense blast of citrus from lemon and bergamot, before slowly revealing a heart made up of fragrant herbs including lavender and sage, as well as soothing patchouli and fragrant jasmine. The masculine tone of the fragrance comes from the earthy base of sandalwood and musk, which adds exceptional body and depth to the fragrance. 



Celebrating its ten year anniversary this year, Guerlain L’Instant features a distinctively feminine composition of exotic floral notes alongside various warm and earthy aromas. The fragrance opens with a zesty blend of bergamot along with the sweetness of apple, before unveiling a charming bouquet filled with powdery flowers such as iris and jasmine, as well the soothing aroma of ylang-ylang. This is rounded off wonderfully rich and deliciously sweet mix of vanilla, amber and the earthiness of musk.



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