Happy Birthday Lady Gaga - Get 25% Off!

28 March 2014

Happy Birthday Gaga!

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Today is Lady Gaga's birthday and she turns 28!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, first shot to global domination in 2008 with the song that makes you.... well...Just Dance! From then, she’s never failed to shock us with her quirky (and that’s an understatement!) dress sense and her outrageous performances.

But underneath all the ‘madness’ she is actually a lyrical genius, an incredibly smart woman and a beauty icon all over the world. This Lady will definitely be going down in history.

She was already the first person ever to create a black fluid perfume that sprays clear – and it just so happens to smell absolutely amazing. Our office voted and 'Fame' is certainly the best celebrity scent we’ve ever come across! You can buy it here.

Gaga was also the first to make history with her meaty frock.

Scandalous! But we all love a scandal…arriw

But we see the beautiful side of Gaga more often than not.

Happy birthday Gaga!


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