Halloween Costume Ideas That's All About the Makeup!

24 October 2014


spider halloweenspider halloweenspider halloween

The one time a year we can go horrifically crazy with our eyeliner pencils, even if we're not going to a party... Let us take a selfie!

This year, we think you should try something a little different with your spooky costumes. spider halloween

Here are our top ten halloween beauty looks for 2014, that are all about the makeup.

spider halloween (We're gonna need a whole lot of eyeliner over here!...)


A simple black button nose linking to your top lip will instantly turn you into a pretty kitty...

halloween makeup idea

Freak out your friends with a silver dazzle and spider on top! spider halloween

halloween lips

Looks effective (and pretty tricky) but actually, this is probably easy to nail.

halloween beuaty

spider halloween A sexy vampire or a cheeky devil, you could be anything with these lips!

halloween beauty looks

aaaaaaaaaaand if you're feeling a bit lazy...

halloween hair idea

Shakey hand? check. Eyeliner? check. spider halloween

eyeliner halloween idea

Steady hand and a red lipstick. This looks awesome, but, wiping it off after could be interesting!

halloween makeup tips

This would definitely scare all males. and anyone scared of dolls. HALLOWEEN WIN!

halloween doll idea, makeup tip for halloween, beauty

spider halloween We think it's a porcelain doll painting but we're not entirely sure. Anyway, it's awesome.

ideas for halloween

 Half skull, half human. This time we'll dig out the black kohl eyeshadow palette.

ideas for halloween

WOAH! This is too good. Getting the shadows right is the key here people. Don't forget to keep stepping back from the mirror for good measure. spider halloween

ideas for halloween costumes

sigspider halloween

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