Hair Protection Methods in the Sun

9 June 2014

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What are the best hair repair products available to us on the market?

They need to be reasonably priced because we have to buy a lot of beauty things you know… They need to be the best heat protection products for hair, for hair styling in general and they should work on all types; straight hair, curly or frizzy hair.

The best heat protection products are the ones you’ll find here at The London Perfume Company – we only offer products that work and certainly only offer them at the best prices possible.


The sun is fighting for the right to party and we’re expecting a rather sunny summer this year. Whether you’re lucky enough to be going abroad or if you’re kicking back in the garden, you need to protect yourself from the sun (whilst using it to your advantage too!).

We’ve got sun care for your skin sorted here on this blog.

Our top five beach bag essentials can be found here too.

Now we need to sort out sun protection on your hair!

First of all, the sun will attack your parting… hands up those who have had

a) a very red parting after a day in the sun and b) a head-ache from over-exposed-head-in-the-sunshine-syndrome. Okay we made that last one up but we’ve all felt a little weary from over-doing the sun.

By no means are we anti-sun, we love a good tan as much as the next person (COME AT US!) but we can help you make the sun, safe.

THE SUN will, given a chance, dry your hair within the inch of its life.

Think of it as being sat under a hair-dryer on very low heat for 10 hours day. Not cool. You’ll need this if you want your hair to stay looking fabulous and avoid all aspects of frizz in the sunshine.

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This wonderfully effective spray from Italian cosmetics house Collistar protects the hair from the heat of hot irons and dryers, and also leaves the hair feeling silky and smooth.


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