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22 August 2014

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bronze Makeup Kit For Her

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Victoria's Secret Smoky Exotics Eye Palette* £22.99 (Or £20.69 with exclusive discount code below)

If you read my post on the Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Mist back in May (link here) then you may remember that I had some exciting Victoria's Secret beauty news to share with my UK readers. Just in case you didn't see that particular post, the Victoria's Secret beauty line is now available from The London Perfume Company. And they have just added to their range of Victoria's Secret fragrance mists, body lotions, body washes and Eau De Parfums with some spectacular make-up palettes. So if you're anything like me and have always wanted to try some of the Victoria's Secret make-up range, or if you've tried it before and are already enamoured, then you need to check out these sets asap. 

Finding these incredible make-up palettes at The London Perfume Company is especially beneficial to those who don't live anywhere near one of the Victoria's Secret flagship stores here in the UK (which are currently based in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Kent) as well as those who don't really trust Ebay when it comes to buying beauty products.

I was given the fantastic opportunity to share this incredibly exciting news with you (as well as an exclusive discount code that you will find below) and there are so many beautiful make-up palettes to choose from that I have a feeling you'll end up with quite a few on your wishlist. For me, the Smoky Exotics Eye Palette was the one that immediately jumped out at me, as it looked unlike any other eye palette that I've tried before. Not only does this come complete with ten wonderfully pigmented smoky shades but it also includes a spectacularly soft black kohl eye-liner pencil as well as a little double ended make-up brush.

 vs shades

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There's a great mix of matte and slighly shimmery shades, which are simply beyond beautiful. I can't wait to create some suitably smoky looks with this palette.

victoria's secret makeup palette

This is quite genuinely the best kohl eye-liner pencil that I have ever used. It glides on with such a buttery texture and is a true black hue. I was extremely surprised at the quality of this product as I just expected it to be your run of the mill eye-liner pencil that had just so happened to be included as a little freebie. Boy, was I wrong! All my other eye-liner pencils and products have since taken a back-seat after I found this gem of a pencil.

victoria's secret makeup, victoria's secret, makeup, vs, vsfs

And just look how beautiful the exterior packaging is. It screams Victoria's Secret in a very good way! I absolutely adore the typography on the label and the pink, slightly mirrored, leopard print covering is so on point for me.

Much like last time, when I had an exclusive discount code to share with you, The London Perfume Company have very kindly given me another exclusive discount code to use on the brand new make-up products. All you need to do is enter VSBeauty at the checkout to receive 10% off your Victoria's Secret make-up purchase. This code is valid until the end of September. Now how amazing is that? I'm already tempted to add a few more of the stunning palettes to my make-up collection. I mean, how exquisite does the Neutral Exotics Eye Palette look? (link here)

Will you be taking advantage of this fantastic discount code? If so, which palettes do you have your eye on? And what do you think of this particular one?

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Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bronze Makeup Kit For Her

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