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12 October 2012

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EEK is it that time of year again already?! The shorts gradually start being folded back into the summer drawer and the sun-cream is flung into that cupboard-that’s-full-of-odd-stuff, until next year. 

It’s getting colder, darker and it’s only 74 days, 14 hours and 51 minutes until Christmas, meaning only one thing: we’re in the Autumn/Winter season.

Our beauty regimes start to change and our habits work around the [insert the mood of the weather today here] conditions.

Here at The London Perfume Company, we pride ourselves not only in selling amazing beauty products to you, but being experts in the field as well – we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We come complete with a team of beauty experts; from beauty bloggers to makeup artists, doing all the research, testing & experimenting, so you don’t have to.

The Autumn/Winter season doesn’t have to fill you with dread and fear; TLPC are here to help you approach the frosty conditions with confidence.

You’re hot then you’re cold

Katy Perry was obviously talking sense here. In this blistering weather, you’re constantly switching between freezing outdoor weather to warm artificial heating which will play absolute havoc with your beauty regime.

First of all your nails will take the brunt of this, they’ll dry out, split and flake – so it’s important to give them some extra TLC. Try varnish-less days and moisturising your cuticles (how often do you do that?) – they’ll thank you for it (if they could talk).
Did you know your cuticles are there to stop bacteria from entering your body? Keep them healthy; moisturised and pushed back.
It’s not just your nails but your skin. You’ll notice your hands start to get drier due to these extreme conditions. Now the obvious answer is to moisturise but that would be obvious advice (but of course still moisturise!) – there are other things to do to keep your skin looking fabulous: feed it!

Food for thought

Yep, that’s right, our beauty experts have researched & investigated so you don’t have to. Here are the top 3 foods to make your skin ooze radiance:

• Oily fish: (Tuna & Salmon) – High in Omega 3 which help plump skin’s collagen production & stops it looking dull.
• Spinach & Avocadoes – packed with vitamin E, they protect skin from UV rays & cell damage
• Tomatoes & Citrus fruits – Rich in vitamin C, they will help diminish wrinkles.

And while you’re thinking of your next shopping list, steer clear of:

- Sugar: it does no favours for winter skin, so get snacking on nuts & seeds for a zinc boost – Zinc prevents rashes and unwanted skin irritations.
- Cocktails: Okay we know it’s the festive season! As much as we listen to this expert advice, we know even us girls at TLPC are going to sink a few cosmos! It’s only the law… but ….. Alcohol dehydrates your skin with little effort. So make an effort to limit your alcohol in the colder months…. And imagine that feeling waking up without a hangover after your office party. Yay!

It goes without saying that water is the best hydration since, erm, water, so make sure you’re constantly topped up with H20; it flushes out toxins (nasty winter cold germs) and stops skin from drying out.

UV ray-ly thankful … (terrible we know)

Just because the sunshine has no longer got its hat on, doesn’t mean you can skimp on the SPF. Your sun-cream might be tucked away for the winter, but your foundation should most definitely contain the Sun Protection Factor that keeps your skin protected from UV rays that give you dry skin and even worse, wrinkles!

Bad Good Hair Days

Dried out hair and heat-styling are not on each others Christmas card lists: they just do not get on.
But with all the festive parties we need to look good and primp ourselves to the point of fabulous! It’s tough to resist reaching for the hot styling tools but our TLPC experts came up with something that really does work.

• Use the low setting on your hair dryer and apply a good hair serum. It achieves an amazingly silky result and doesn’t damage or dry out your locks. It might take a bit longer than usual but trust us, you’ll never go back!

Have you got any top tips to keep yourself looking & feeling great as we approach the winter months?
Let us know below or tweet us @londonperfumeco.

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