Get the Mila Kunis Smokey Eye Look!

17 September 2014

Mila Kunis, an A list celebrity who has graced our screens with her tomboy charms and her sheer beauty. She'd be our perfect gal to share a cocktail or seven with....Then at least we could get all her beauty secrets out of her. Like, "how do you get that amazing skintone so perfect?" and "How do you do that whole smokey eye thing so effortlessly?".

Well, actually, we have a solution to that last question - A smokey eye doesn't take a magician, or even a professional, it just takes some truly top quality products that will give you the desired effect, and more importantly last all day.

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Our Chanel makeup range is everything you need. It has absolute guaranteed quality and you can ask anyone who's used one of their cosmetics, Chanel lasts all day and feels great. None of that sticky finish and a dull result, the ingredients they use goes into a look that promises to WOW!

For a smokey eye like this bronze look on the gorgeous Mila, we'd recommend starting with the Chanel Eyeshadow Quad 'Mystic Eyes', add a dusting of Ombre Mirifique and make sure you add plenty of eye-lining tools to your basket if you want to do this properly! Outline with a neat liquid liner like the Graphite Noir and use a crayon like the Pencil Kohl Noir to go under the eye. Be sure to invest in a great makeup blender to smudge and blend the smokey look.


Smokey eyes, done!

The London Perfume Company

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