Get Lippy - Lipsticks, tricks and tips!

11 June 2013


Did you know your lips are the one of the features that people stare at the most when they're talking to you?

We love a good lippy here at The London Perfume Company - and we know it's important to keep them buffed and looking super-good. So, read on for everything you need to know about your lips and the good stuff you put on them!  

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Think of your lips as a sponge: When they're moist, they take in water and plump up - when they're dry and/or dehydrated, your lips will dry out and shrink.

Seasonal weather can really affect your lips, particularly the cold, windy months. Contrary to common lipknowledge however, the summer can be just has harmful to your lips than the winter! In the sun, you're more likely to be dehydrated and the warmth will dry out your lips.

The skin on your lips is unlike skin anywhere else on your body - it's very thin, so it can allow the blood vessels to be visible (hence your naturally rosy red lips!) Your lips have no oil glands to protect them (and oil acts as a barrier for skin) - so if they're not looked after properly, the result can be rough, red and chapped! Chapped lips cannot hold lipstick even if you tried - and nobody wants this!

FIVE TOP TIPS for loving your lips more...


  • Take a water bottle wherever you go! We all know drinking 8 glasses a day keeps you healthy but it also keeps your skin and lips hydrated! Mwah!

  • Stop licking your lips! This habit really dries out your smackers! If they're dry, apply some lip balm or smother on a lick of gloss.

  • Exfoliate your lips when neccessary. We suggest at least once a week, but each to their own! bright lipsYou can buy lip scrubs which are great, you can make your own lip scrub (see below for our recipe) OR you can even just use a toothbrush (you should probably just buy a separate one for this job...)  

  • Matte lipsticks are incredible - they last all day! However, they can be really drying for your lips. By no means stop using them altogether, no, no, far from it! - Just make sure you use normal lipsticks too, perhaps alternate the days if you're someone who wears matte lippy alot! They'll soon be hydrated and juicy again!

  • Protect Protect Protect! Where you can, buy products that contains SPF (15) for ultimate protection of your lips against the sun and harmful UV rays. 

home made lip scrub

The best lipsticks, balms and gloss...


              lipstick nude lippy benefit lipstick

                    Buy Me.                                      Buy Me.                                   Buy Me.

                    £15.50                                        £15.50                                          £8.99

Lip Gloss


and for ultra spectacular lips... signature

                                                         dior gloss

Lip Balms 



Keep your lips looking visibly healthy and kissably soft with Maybelline lip balms which feature a unique formula which helps to relieve chapped or dry lips, as well as keeping the lips hydrated for up to 8 hours.

Buy Me. £5.00

NARS lip lacquer



NARS’ signature shade works wonderfully when used alone, or can be paired with other products for added

shine which gives the lips a luscious appearance that never fades. Essential oils and vitamins fused into the product helps protect the lips and the unique texture prevents the colour from bleeding. 

Buy Me. £14.99


So now you've no excuse not to have a kissable pout...

Which is your favourite lippy shade to wear?



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