Free Dirty English Juicy Couture Bag!

10 October 2013

If you're going to be spending £15 or more on our wonderful site, then you may as well grab a freebie while you're at it - We also do a free gift for £15 or over (This Lancome nail varnish) but we appreciate some men won't put this to good use - so we came up with a bloke-friendly freebie! arrow

free juicy couture bag

Don't forget to add it to your basket! £5.99 will then be deducted at checkout.

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"Whether it's a little trip to the shop or taking your lunch to work, you never know when a good quality bag might come in handy. And now you can do it in style with this extremely practical and rather stylish bag courtesy of Juicy Couture."

Happy Shopping!


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