Free Agent Provocateur Candle Worth £35!

1 August 2013


The London Perfume Company are giving the first 30 people to order this, a FREE Agent Provocateur candle worth £35! The only thing you have to do is make sure you order something for £20 or more and it's all yours!

You'll get one free with every order that's £20 or over and it's first come, first serve! 

DON'T FORGET: You need to add the candle to your basket - The discount will then be deducted when you checkout.

"This fabulously luxurious candle has been hand poured in England with only the finest wax, and is fragranced with the intoxicating Maitresse scent for a wonderfully seductive, elegant experience." 

They're a huge 200g so will last for absolutely hours, not to mention the fact that they smell totally incredible!

So what are you waiting for?! Get one whilst stocks last. Which colour will you go for?



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