Four Outfits, Four Fragrances: Which describes your personality?

26 June 2015

Which duo describes your personality the most?

Are you a sport luxe-with a fresh fragrance kinda gal or do you love your purses and perfume too much?

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This is a girl – or should we say lady – who likes what she likes. Probably pink mostly – but bold colours, simple designs and matching outfits will define her personality. This fearless female is confident in herself and her taste is take it or leave it.

 Chanel Chance Splash For Her

Team Ultra-Female with Chanel >

Always found with an extra inch on her heel and an over-sized tote bag full of everything but the kitchen sink, this girl is a fan of the traditional fashions – give her an A-Line dress and a heel and she’s happy. Chanel is always in her handbag, ready for a quick spritz on the tube before she meets her friends for drinks after work.

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(We’re debating if channeler is a word, but you’re so cool, you’ve made us go and invent a new word)..

Often found in a design studio with headphones in or at home scribbling thoughts and pictures to the latest band on XFM, this female is the definition of fearless. Her perfume taste is all over the place and she has no set favourite: When she found Gaga's first ever perfume, she knew it was just so her, because it’s not like the others out there.

 Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid For Her

Team Hipster with Lady Gaga The Fame >

She can be sure to stand out from the crowd with this fragrance to finish her outfit off a treat.

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The girl who has her life together (even if she’s in her overdraft.. what? Fashion is a way of life..)

This girl loves extra high quality fragrance because she’s got all the high-end perfumes; been there, done that. She’s always on the look out for the next big thing and she’s hit the jackpot here because this gorgeous scent doesn’t break the bank but it is just so her.

 Miller Harris Noix De Tubereuse For Her

Team Casual-Luxe with Miller Harris >

She’s always ontop of the latest trend and buys a key piece (or three) for her wardrobe at least once a week.

Usually found with a Starbucks in hand, the Casual-Luxe gal needs Miller Harris simply to snap it and put her fave Instagram filter on it.

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 This is a lady who is a very much a YES person.

She usually keeps her trainers at work or in her car just in case she gets invited to that crazy last minute trampolining-with-cats activity. She dons gym leggings but isn’t afraid to rock it with a leather jacket and the latest coral lipstick. Creed fits her personality to a tee because it’s fun and it’s fresh, it’s also been accused of spreading a bit of happiness – but since when was that a crime?

Creed Fleurs De Bulgarie For Her

Team Sport-Luxe with Creed >

She’s lively and she’s amazing – just like the perfume she finishes her sporty outfit off with!

Any Creed perfume will do for this bundle of joy.


So which personality are you?

Let us know.

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