Four Fundamental Staples for Your Beauty Regime

6 August 2013


We were thinking... What are the four main things that you pay attention to when you're getting ready...? If there's anything we love here at TLPC, it's the staple pieces in our makeup bags.

Now, we know this is a challenge, and it may even break a few of you beauty fanatics into a sweat trying to choose, but, we have picked one product for each category which we think, if you have these in your life - you're off to a fabulous start!



The base to a good, flawless complexion is a good concealer. This Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer works by blending two natural colours together to cover up imperfections, dark circles and redness. You can even use the light shade to highlight - so versatile! Buy Now for £23.00.



A good primer is what you need for the perfect base - but before this, you need a good exfoliator and after that, you'll need a quality cleanser. Well guess what.. (and this isn't cheating...) THIS Elizabeth Arden Intervene has all three! Yep, it's a 3 in 1 product. It truly is an amazing product and us girls at TLPC couldn't go without it! Buy Now for just £9.00. [RRP £24]



OKAY - so this is probably the hardest decision to make, ever. We can't just have ONE staple fragrance - nobody has just ONE in their collection... but.. for the sake of this task - we bit the bullet and went with Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique. It doesn't need much explanation, it's simply beautiful and represents a strong woman with an equally amazing personality. The notes boast daring facets of orchid, ylang-ylang over a base of vanilla, musk and amber for a seductive blast. Delicious! Buy Now from £26.99. 



You could have the most amazing face of makeup but if your hair isn't up to much, then it will just bring the whole look down a notch or five. By investing in a really good professional shampoo, like Redken, your hair will definitely reap the rewards after just a couple of washes. It will become so much more stronger, shinier and generally healthier!

There's a reason professional hair salons use these products and not just the cheapest thing off the local supermarket's shelf! Invest in Redken and you definitely won't be disappointed.

By way of choosing ONE staple Redken product, we went with the extreme conditioner - we need those extra silky locks! View our amazing range of Redken here or you can buy the conditioner here for £11.69.


So what do you think? Do you agree with our four fundamentals? Let us know!


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