Five Ways to Beat Blue Monday

19 January 2015


Today is 'Blue Monday'. Officially the most depressing day of the year.


Christmas bank statements are falling through the letterbox, most people will have failed their New Year resolutions by now and the weather is absolutely miserably freezing. Humph.


The London Perfume Company are NOT falling victim to this Blue Monday negativity and we're not letting our lovely customers and avid fans either! Not on our watch.

We've thought of five really easy ways to beat the monday blues with a quick fix and at a relatively cheap cost.

Which one are you going to do?!

Let us know below...

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1. Book a trip away; a holiday or a short city break

- Give yourself something to look forward to & get excited for, it’s easy to be uninspired with nothing coming up.


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2. Invest in a brand new fragrance -

It’s a proven fact that something as simple as an uplifting scent that instantly lift your mood in the morning!


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3. Exercise -

The easiest and cheapest way of releasing positive endorphins: nature’s stress buster! take the stairs, go for a 15 minute walk or hammer the gym. What Monday blues?!


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4. Avoid looking at your bank statements -

Instead, write a list of all the good things you spent your money on this year. Then write another for 2015 that you’d like to do - try and stick to it so you don’t go spend-crazy!


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5. New you! -

Make one change today that will benefit your life for the better. eg: Vow to 5 pieces of fruit & veg a day, promise to use a moisturising cream every morning, glug 8 glasses of water!



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