Five Top Beauty Tips for Mums in Their 40's

22 April 2013


The girls in the office came across these ‘ten top tips for mums in their 40’s’ and it got us thinking…

We should write our own! So we did; but simplified it a little.. (it is Monday!...) 

five top beauty tips


 1 - SPF is so important in skincare. It protects you from harmful UV rays that create lines and wrinkles. Even in winter, there are strong UV rays - so make sure you always have SPF in whatever possible; skincare, makeup, perfume!

chanel skin care cream

2 - We work with the beauty pros, makeup experts and industry insiders every single day and their biggest tip is to drink as much water as physically possible! OK so there's only so much you can handle - just carry a bottle in your handbag, leave one at your desk and put one in your fridge so you're always sipping away at the good stuff.

3 - The pros recommend using a light cream blush on the apples of your cheeks in your 40s; not powder. Continue to contour beneath your cheekbones with bronzer.


4 - Hydration is key as your skin ages. Keep it packed full of moisture and not only will you look fresh and youthful but your lines and wrinkles will reduce dramatically. Have you ever noticed when you forget your morning moisturiser that you look a little drained? Try mixing some wih your concealer for a really fresh look.

concealer and moisturiser

5 - Using a highlighter will give your face an added glow. Dab a dot of highlighter and blend at the inner corners of your eye, at the corners of your mouth, over and under your brow, over your cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose. Many pros swear by Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat


What's your favourite beauty secret?

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