Five Top Beauty Tips for Anti-Aging

13 May 2013

With a few smart tips and tricks, you can turn back the clock!....

anti aging beauty tips


collistar1 - Your makeup will go on so much smoother and last a lot longer if your skin is soft, moisturised and supple. We recommend that you use a daily moisturiser and a separate cream for night-time wear. To ensure your always hydrated, we can't stress enough that managing to drink plenty of water will really make a huge difference.

2 - If you look at a young girl who hasn't started to pluck her eyebrows yet - they are full and healthy with no bald-spots or over-the-top arching. We'd recommmend aiming for this look. A very simple arch above the brow line and plucking from the middle is all that's really needed for a youthful look.


cream blusher3 - Avoid powders if you're concentrating on anti-aging. Powders tend to sit on your skin and exaggerate any visible lines and wrinkles, whereas creams become part of your complexion - creating a gorgeous, natural and youthful glow. Try this cream blusher for just £6.99!

4 - Dark eyeshadow can make your eyes look small and heavy; thus aging you unnecessarily. Keep it light and simple and your eyes will look glowing! If you want to do a dramatic look, concentrate on the corners of your eyes, rather than the whole lid. 


dior lipgloss5 - As you get older, you'll see that your lips shrink a little. If you use dark matte lipsticks or lipliners, you will only make them look even smaller. Opt for a coloured lipgloss instead to create the illusion and a shine barrier. There are SO many amazing ones out there now. For clear/lighter lipglosses, try applying it a tiny little bit over the edge of your lipline for an even fuller effect. Mwah! Try this Dior Gloss Plumper now!



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