Five Reasons Why Perfume Rollerballs are Perfect!

2 June 2014

Your favourite fragrance more than likely has a mini counterpart, whether it's in the form of a solid perfume, a vial tester or a rollerball.

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Perfect for travel season, here are 5 reasons why fragrance rollerballs are the perfect new thing to have...

1. Travel

Firstly, rollerballs are portable and incredibly travel-friendly. You can throw three in your bag and have a choice of which fragrance you want to use all weekend! No hassle, no heavy fragile goods and no fear of breaking a big ol'expensive bottle!

2. Targetted Application

Spraying perfume can often end up with half of it in on the floor (boo!) - With a rollerball you get exact precision of where you want the perfume to go, no waste here! This is also excellent for on the go, so you don't gas out your neighbour on the tube!

3. Cheap as, errr, chips!

Rollerballs are rather inexpensive, especially in comparison to it's mother! Rollerballs could be a good way of testing fragrances too, so you can see if you want to upgrade to the real deal and invest in a full 100ml of the stuff!

4. Layering

Rollerball fragrances are so good to use when layering scents. Rather than spraying a perfume over a lotion or moisturiser, using a rollerball will work with the layers rather than ontop, so you'll create your very own unique scent. YUM!

5. Pretty Pretty

OK. Perfume bottles are pretty to look at. It just so happens, rollerballs are not only pretty but they look SO CUTE lined up on your dresser, honestly, we won't judge you if you have rollerballs simply to just stare at it!


Why not try some rollerballs we feature? You won't go back!




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Dorianne O'Callaghan 2 June 2014 at 17:52 Reply
Thing I have found with my roller ball is that the perfume has gone cloudy
Rosie @ TLPC 24 June 2014 at 15:33 Reply
Oh no! This shouldn't affect the scent in anyway. It will be because your natural oils from your skin are against the ball.
They are still fab :)