Five Perfect Perfumes for Five Perfect Winter Outfits

16 December 2014


Is it just us or do you match your perfumes with your outfits too?

For example, a warming fragrance like Thierry Mugler Angel will make you literally feel warm when you're out in the cold weather, so this will be teamed with the big coat, gloves and scarf.

Gucci Guilty is the show stopper - When you're out doing your Christmas shopping in the bang-on-trend outfit, it's the one people always ask "what've you got on?".

Giorgio Armani would be teamed with the oufit that breaks the barriers a little. A daring hat, the time the expensive boots come out, Si by Armani would be perfect for this OOTD.

Prada Candy is sweet just like you're whole look today. You know those days when you're finally having an actual good hair day, THIS is the day you bang on the Candy.

See by Chloe is the perfume for the warmer days, for the outfits on the go. You'll get things done wearing this double duo.

perfect perfumes with perfect winter outfits



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