Five Fragrance Taboos You Should Break

12 January 2015

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Fragrance is considered one of the more luxurious items in a beauty collection. Sure, you can get a perfume on the lower end of the price scale but when the average beauty shopper invests an average of £40 into a beautiful scent, we tend to treasure it even more than a favourite mascara for example.

We need to be sure you're using your perfume wisely and to its full potential. Are you guilty of applying these perfume taboos in your life?

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NO no no. This makes us cringe and incredibly sad at the thought of all that wasted perfume.

If you want to make sure your scent is all over you quickly and efficiently, especially so it lasts all day, make sure you're spraying your scent in exactly the right places. You want to be aiming for the pulse points on your body. The bits where you can see your veins basically; these are the naturally warmest parts of your body (okay who just felt their wrist?). Your heart is working hard to pump blood to these areas and so any fragrance sprayed on these veins will be woken up by the heat and will linger for longer! Who knew there was so much science and biology involved in perfume?!

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Yes it is sooo pretty but also soooo daft! Fragrance that is exposed to sunlight too much can often completely change in smell. It can evaporate, change colour and even expire quicker than it should. This is why you should always keep your favourite perfume AWAY from the window sill and in a cool, dark(ish) place... a bit like your cereal! If you don't fancy sharing your Cocopop space with your best Chanel, try creating a small beauty area in the corner of your room, invest in a pretty cabinet in your bathroom or get the ultimate dresser! Put the bottle behind the mirror (away from the window and sunlight) and your perfume will stay in tip top condition.


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Well this doesn't make much sense does it! However, we've all agreed in the office that there is a certain taboo about unisex fragrances. When you're a woman, you think unisex is more masculine and when you're a man you think unisex fragrance is probably more feminine. Why is this?! Unisex is unisex. It is specifically and actually rather cleverly designed to suit both sexes perfectly.

Anyway, who says floral means feminine and spicy connotes masculinity? More and more female scents are becoming quite androgynous, especially as we move into 2015. It's simply a trend that mirrors the movement in fashion. Next time you see a unisex scent, do not dismiss it!

oh no

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You may have seen some fragrance descriptions claiming to contain such ingredients like 'ambergris' and the likes.. You know what this is right? Whale Vomit! Wait wait wait, don't stop reading there. Today, perfumers use a synthetic version of this because quite rightly, it's kinda' unethical and quite frankly, a little disgusting. Who knew whale vomit could smell so nice? *shudder*

Further Note: Ambergris really is whale vomit!  It’s a waxy grey substance that comes from Sperm Whales and is attained because it gets washed up on the beach. Real Ambergris is still used rarely today by some of the more expensive perfume houses, but most fragrance houses contain a synthetic substitute.  What does it smell like exactly, you ask? Aged ambergris is really earthy and boasts a sweet scent. It has a wonderfully enhancing effect on other notes in a perfume and is the perfect component to a warming recipe.


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Eau de Parfum, Perfum, Eau de Fraiche, Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Aftershave and Splash - What is this and what does it all mean?! Panic not. Lots of you will know the basics; Eau de Parfum is strong - good. Eau de Toilette is not as strong - you're doing well. But whether it comes as a surprise to you or not, EDP is not always the preferred choice. Some of our customers would always prefer a lighter version of their favourite scent so as not to overpower the senses, sometimes a delicate scent is so much more! Also, the stronger the perfume, the more expensive, so you should really work out what you like before investing perhaps more money than needed.

See our handy levels of perfume concentration illustration:

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So rid those fragrance taboos and discover a whole new side of fragrance you've never noticed before!


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