Five Beauty Lessons We've Learnt from Kim Kardashian

15 September 2014

Kim Kardashian is known world-wide for her stunning looks, her rather dramatic lifestyle (as seen on TV..) and her relationships with some of the hottest celebrities out there. She's always rocking the headlines, whether it's a new baby or a Vampire facelift (yep you heard right) we just love keeping up with this Kardashian..

Here are five beauty lessons we've learnt from the lady who has it all...


Take eyebrow shaping seriously.

Kim Kardashian eyebrows

 Make the most of your lashes.

Kim's eyes are absolutely amazing. One of the reasons being is her ability to maximise her lashes. Whether it's investing in an awesome mascara or adding a few cheeky lash extensions, making the most of her lashes is something she can do so, so right!


Contour contour contour. Oh, and contour.

She told Allure in an interview: "I put on all my foundation first. I powder my face, then I put on concealer...and blend it with a pink egglike sponge. Then I contour all here—think of a three." [Using her finger, she draws an invisible three on each side of her face.] "I go cheekbones, under chin, then the top."

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Take your makeup off at night!

Kim doesn't keep it a secret when she's interviewed about her beauty regime - she preaches the rule everywhere she goes - take your makeup at night ALWAYS! No excuses.


Eyeshadow is underrated.

If there's one thing Kim Kardashian gets perfect, we'll go for the eyeshadow. A smokey eye, a bronzed transition or a simple glitter dust underline, eyeshadow can completely transform a look and we love that she is a mascot for a good old palette.



Remember when she swapped her famous brunette locks for a completely all-over blonde look?!

kim kardashians new hair

Also known for her crazy contouring, Kim Kardashian loves sharing her beauty secrets on the old Instagram.

We didn't even try to copy it once, nope, not us...



Prepare for blood!...

Kim shocked the nation when she announced that the 'vampire facial' was the latest beauty secret.

This involved a million tiny little pricks to the top layer of facial skin in the hope that a million years will be gone from ageing!

kim kardashian vampire facial


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