Festival Fever: Glastonbury Go-To

25 June 2013

Festival season is upon us and we're going to give you a wicked wishlist for the big ones coming up over the next month! Have a look at this week's Glastonbury-themed inspiration...


1. Elizabeth Arden Foundation Powder. Click here.

PERFECT for carrying in your bag - you need all the space you can get! This Elizabeth Arden ensures your skin is looking flawless for all those photos and it hides those bags under your eyes from little sleep, with ease. Fitted with a mirror too, what more could you ask for?!

2. Gwen Stefani Harajuku Love. Click here.

A small bottle of a fun, fruity perfume. This is one of the most refreshing scents ever - and let's face it, you'll need it at Glastonbury!

3. Crochet Square Top. Miss Selfridge.

4. Denim Shorts. Resurrection.

5. Pac a Mac. Warehouse.

6. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Click here.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream provides soothing relief to any part of your skin whether it’s rough spots on your elbows and knees, or cracked, dry skin on your hands. The cream helps to both calm and repair chapped, rough skin as well as effectively soothing redness and irritated skin. A true cosmetic classic that is a must have for any beauty conscious woman.

7. Swarovski Aura Hair Mist. Click here.

You need your hair to last as long as possible at Glastonbury. 4 days without washing is quite a scary thought.. but this is the perfect thing to pack! It has a subtle scent that gently perfumes upon application, as well as giving your hair a lovely silky shine. Deeeeeeelicious!

8. Studded Wellies. River Island.


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