Eurovision Mad - Who's representing the UK? Get into the British Spirit!

6 May 2015

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Who's representing The United Kingdom at The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 you say? 

Why it's Electro Velvet of course!

They've had over 1.6million hits already on Youtube and they'll be singing "Still In Love With You" this year in the hopes to give us back our crown!

Give it a listen, let us know what you think!...

We're vibing Fat Sam's Grand Slam in Bugsy Malone with a mix of Dusty Springfield - but hey, when wasn't Eurovision cheesy? We love it!

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Who are the favourites?

Sweden, Italy, Australia, Estonia, Finland and Russia are among the bookies’ favourites to win Eurovision this year - but we're keeing the faith. Wave your flag high this May 23rd!


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