Eight Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day You Never Thought Of

10 March 2015

Forget flowers; they die, forget chocolates; they're so cliche!

Here are eight excellent Mother's Day gift ideas. Bet you never thought of these!...


1. A Hair Cut


- But hold-off doing it yourself, buy your mum a gift voucher at her favourite hair salon for the ultimate treat!

2. High Tea


Finger sandwiches and layers of cakes higher than your head is all the rage lately, which means it's really easy to find a cute place nearby for an afternoon tea. Pop on your prettiest dresses and create lovely memories with a gift of time. When was the last time you had a good old gossip?

3. The iKettle

kettle, ikettle, mothers day, gift idea

Gift-giving should be all about luxuries not necessities. The iKettle allows you to boil your kettle from an app on your phone! The perfect indulging present for any tech-loving mum who wants an extra ten minutes in bed or a hot cuppa' as soon as she's through the door. Time is money!

4. A Spider Catcher

spider ctahcer

Never thought of this, did you! What better gift to give than the gift of peace of mind? If your mum is scared of the eight-legged nasties, this is the best present she could ask for, surely?! 

5. The Aromatherapy Shower Kit

shower kit

These shower kits are so simple yet so effective. When your Mum's suffering with a cold, simply clip the aroma spray above your shower head and the shower will be her own spa! It can be used for simply lovely essential oils too. 

6. Photography Goodies

photo gift idea

Magents, hanging from pretty pegs or just a statement frame; photographs are hardly printed out anymore thanks to the clever age of technology so gorgeous photos are always welcomed with open arms. Mum's love thoughtfulness.

7. Forget the traditional candle gift! Get a whole Givenchy perfume gift set with a gorgeous scented candle... 

dahlia noir, givenchy

Givenchy Dahlia Noir is a classic fragrance bursting with femininity and sensuality. The main facets of powdery rose and mysterious vanilla creates a powerful sense of elegance. There are notes of iris, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka bean which all blend beautifully to make a perfume perfect for a confident, fascinating woman. The set also features a body lotion and candle.



8. Get 10% off all female gift sets at The London Perfume Company.

That's an EXTRA 10% off! Use the code: LOVEMUM at the checkout.


Mother's Day ♥


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