Eight Healthy Foods That Are Really Good For Your Hair and Nails

1 May 2015

We like to think that what you put ON your face is what matters but ultimately, it's what you put IN your face that truly matters. 

You can have the best makeup known to man, the greatest skincare in the whole world but nothing matters if you're going to be applying it onto skin that hasn't been loved.

Chocolate can break you out in spots, little sleep can make your skin dry and lack of water will make you dehydrated, resulting in dark circles and an uneven skin tone: Food is the secret to good skin, hair and nails. Simple!

Did you know your hair and nails are made of the same thing? Keratin.

what is hair made of, what are nails made of

So here are eight awesome healthy foods which keep your hair shiny and your nails strong, amongst other things...

banana health food

1. Bananas

They contain biotin (or vitamin H) which prevent your nails from becoming brittle and your hair from breaking. It's thought that biotin plays a vital role in the production of keratin!

brazil nuts

2. Brazil Nuts

Did you know brazil nuts reduce stress, anxiety and depression (three a day to be precise). Being stressed and such can make your hair weak, limp and occassionally come out. Eating these nuts can prevent this!  

3. Coconut Oil


4. Oysters

OK we know they're a little pricey but it's only because Oysters are so high in Zinc. Zinc is absolutely amazing for hair and nails because it's essential in the process of making protein. Ever seen shampoo adverts and they talk about protein being great for your hair? Well, eating it naturally will be just as good if not better. Oysters contains a whopping 74 grams of zinc per serving.

5. Salmon

6. Spinach

7. Blueberries


8. Beer

Amen! Is there a god?! Beer is good for you! In a single serving...  Beer is high in silicon but if you're wary of washing your hair actually IN the beer, then drinking it can be just as effective. Silicon increases circulation in the scalp which in turn keeps your hair strong and less likely to snap.



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