Choosing The Right Fragrance For Your Lifestyle

21 May 2013

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Whether you’re an active person that only sits down when they sleep or a well-travelled romantic who likes to walk around in a daze; we can tell you which fragrance to drift towards.

Let’s look at some of the major personalities…

number 1Academic

If you would class yourself as an academic, enjoying a Merlot on a night and you’d say that good food makes you happy; you’ll need a distinctive scent.

Remember that scent triggers memories (especially the stronger notes) so, ensuring your lingering fragrance creates a lasting impression on the peers around you is pretty important.

A top choice here would be something from the Tom Ford collection or Bond No 9. 

for her

For her: Bond No9 Riverside Drive Eau De Parfum or Nina Ricci Love In Paris.


                                     bond nina ricci

for him text

For him: Tom Ford Extreme Eau De Toilette or Hugo Boss Baldessarini Del Mar  

                                    perfume for him hugo boss


number twoSporty

If you're always on the go and the only time you sit down all day would be to sleep, then you need something fresh, lively and invigorating to keep you going throughout the day.

Fragrances aren’t described as ‘energetic’ for nothing – if this describes you then it will most definitely fit your lifestyle.

Having a fresh, clean spritz of something to hand will keep you motivated and your mood positive.

for her text

For her: Jean Paul Gaultier Madame or Burberry Brit for Women

                                jpg madame burberry brit

for him

For him: Puma I am Going or Lacoste Essential 

                               puma him lacoste


number 3Romantic

You treat your partner to a special dinner at least once a week, love a good night in with warming candles and are simply in love with the idea of love: You need a fragrance that will keep your memories alive, passionate and ensure you stay living the good life.

When a fragrance sets off an emotion, you know it’s a keeper.

Perfume can be powerful stuff – whether you spray a little of your mum’s favourite on a pillow or you sneak a sniff of your partner’s scent on the dresser – you know it’s important in this case to have a ‘signature’ scent.

for her

For her: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique or Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Love is Heavenly

                                classique love is heavenly

 for him text

For him: Oscar De La Renta or David Beckham Signature Story

                                 oscar de la renta beckham signature story

Saying this, you might be aspiring to be a ‘sporty type’ for example and therefore you should never be afraid to go against your norm and try something different and new. If you’re used to sweet, strong facets – why not break the boundaries and have a soft, earthy fragrance to use once in a blue moon?

You never know, it could just be the making of you!


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