Chipping Nails? Your Beauty Dilemma Solved...

5 June 2014

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Funny but true - right?!

Okay so seriously, why does our perfectly polished piggies stay just that while the nails on our fingers are lucky if any nail varnish stays on at all after a few days?

The answer is simple...

We use our hands ALOT more and we are constantly fiddling, typing, cooking, cleaning and generally operating our finger nails almost 24/7.

Our tootsies, on the other hand, just sit there, looking pretty.

But WAIT! There is hope...

There are a few amazing tips and tricks for your finger nails that we, here at The London Perfume Company, swear by.

We also only invest in good quality nail varnishes that actually will last a very good amount of time. First of all, it has to be a great quality brand and product, second of all, it has to pass the 3 day challenge. One of us has worn each polish and if it lasted more than 3 days without chipping, it's on the site!


ice nails tip


Invest in a really good nail polish brand.

There's no use moaning about the quality of your nails if you're buying varnish from the pound shop...


Dolce & Gabbana Lace Nail Lacquer No.220 Perfection 11ml 


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