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29 April 2013

JLS Split

So JLS are the latest band to hang in their towels and call it a day *sob sob* - There's gonna' be a lot of broken hearts out there! You can read their 'Goodbye' message here. We think our favourite was Marvin - how about yours?

gaga new hair

*New Barnet Alert!* - Check our Gaga's new chop! Are you a fan? This lady certainly rocks the bleach well and it'll be easy to maintain for her busy lifestyle... Also, bang on trend of course.

The ladies of Girls' Aloud are everywhere at the moment and we can't help but pay homage to Cheryl Cole 

cheryl colethis week.

We are awed by her natural beauty and she (or her team) gets her makeup perfect each and every time! 

get her look

cheryl cole get the look



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