Celebrity Insider 18.05.13

18 May 2013

David Beckham announced his retirement this week. I guess we should say thank you for making football bareable! - We shall still continue to adore you from afar; don't disappear you beautiful man!

             beckham beckham beckham

One Direction announced their big announcement which their fans have been counting down to for months! So, naturally, we were somewhat (okay really really really) excited to see what on earth it was! They announced a huge world stadium tour. Squeel!

one direction

PS - Inside information confirms their fragrance will be launching in September at Harrods. Y'heard it here first!

Kim Kardashian is looking gorgeous as ever and is blooming during her pregnancy - We love ya' Kim!

kim k and kan

We know Kim LOVES to make her pout shine - it's true that a good lipgloss can really make you feel good...

get her look

                                      dior gloss DIOR GLOSS

Which bit of goss have you been loving in the celebrity world this week?


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