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13 July 2013


katy perry

We know right! We're giving away this AWESOME tote bag and purse when you buy any Katy Perry fragrance!

Make sure you add the bag to your basket and it will be deducted at the checkout.

Happy shopping!


Buy Now - £11.99 


We knew all about his cheeky third fragrance 'The Key' [Read here] a while ago... and we even saw the bottle (it looks so good) but we never saw any video evidence - and we know that's what you guys and girls have been talking about!



It's the moment all Beliebers have been waiting for! Justin Bieber releases 'The Key' fragrance video... Watch it below. 

Have you got the Bieber fragrance collection? Which is your favourite?
try these
                jb  jb

              Justin Bieber - Girlfriend - £21.99        Justin Bieber - Someday - £21.99

                                Buy here.                                            Buy here.



We're eagerly awaiting pictures of Kim Kardashian's baby (North.. ahem...) - but for now, we're in LOVE with her fragrances. She even wears them herself. Deeeeeeeelicious. 




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