Calling all Bloggers!

29 January 2014



So if you clicked on this you're a blogger right? HEY!

The London Perfume Company are looking for all kinds of bloggers to help us promote our Valentines promotions coming up very soon.

Be it; beauty, fashion or lifestyle - We want ya'.

Thing is, we can shout and shout but ultimately, it's you glorious people who can really spread the message.


If you're interested in getting involved with our blogging mission please get in touch via email -

Send to:

With the subject: Valentines Blogger

Please provide your statistics (traffic/hits) and social following info


We will reply to a number of bloggers with lots more information and successful bloggers will then receive a mini press-pack.

*Please note, it's not just bloggers with high stats that will be picked - We aren't that shallow!

*Also note that we will only respond to successful bloggers.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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